Sandy Lane Estate

This vacation house is at the most prime surfing location along the remote Pacific Coastline in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  This is north of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.  Famous for it’s pristine beaches, large surf, and occasional celebrity sightings, this project was an opportunity to combine local “Tico” construction techniques with a cost effective, beautiful, and modern style.

Inspired by the local styles as well as tropical architecture of southeast Asia, this home utilizes air circulation to create a comfortable living environment.  The louvered shutters are fixed open, and allow the building to constantly breath, eliminating mold, and excessive energy costs, while they keep out rain.  Constructed on a 4 meter by 4 meter grid enabled the house to be as cost effective as possible with the standard sizes of steel and construction materials available.

Client:: Private Location: Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica Square Feet: 180 Square Meters